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September Drinking Water Issues

This is the second in a series of posts related to drinking water issues relevant to the UK and Europe.

Fracking: coming to an area near you
A man who was honoured by the US chemical industry for poisoning large parts of Pennsylvania with fracking chemicals is proud to be bringing fracking to the UK. Not satisfied with poisoning Pennsylvania's water, he's now applying for 30 licenses to do the same in the UK. To keep the locals quiet they plan to bribe them with 6% of the profits. "Fracking will be good for Britain", the billionaire owner says. The question is: Whose Britain will benefit?

Bribes as a last resort
As the support for fracking in the UK falls to new lows, the government decides bribes are the best way forward. The government after ignoring science, common sense and basic economics resorts to bribery to convince locals to accept fracking in their community. We the people just aren't listening good enough.

Tap water contamination
One thing that Berkey water filter users do not have to worry about is tap water contamination due to negligence, human error or failing infrastructure. The contamination of drinking water by E.coli bacteria such as what recently occurred in South Yorkshire or excessive chlorine as detailed in the above article are becoming more commonplace. The best way to protect yourself and your family is a reliable and affordable water filter. Berkey water filter systems deliver on both counts.

And now for the good news: Fracking ban in Germany
Following in the footsteps of France and the Netherlands, Germany has banned fracking for the foreseeable future, until 2020. Poland is the poster child for fracking as a failed policy in Europe, the Conservative government in cahoots with their big cash donors apparently seeks to emulate the Polish government's foolish choices.

Fluoridation leads to increased hypothyroidism
A recent study done at the University of Kent suggests that other methods than fluoridation be used to improve dental health. According to this study, fluoridation appears to lead to an increased incidence of hypothyroidism. About 6 million people in the UK are exposed to artificial fluoridation or high naturally occurring fluoride levels. The Berkey PF-2 filters are a safe and efficient method for removing fluoride from your drinking water.

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