The Berkey manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against the EPA seeking to stop it's unjustified persecution of Berkey Water Filters based on the EPA’s decision this year to treat Berkey Water Filters as though they are pesticides, rather than water filters. The EPA has already ordered the closure of Berkey's largest warehouse. Please see our blog post for the details.

Imperial Berkey Water Filter


Includes 2, 4 or 6 Black Berkey Filters
Suitable for: 4-8+ people
Capacity: 17 liters
Height: 25.75 in. / 65.4 cm.
Diameter: 25.4 cm.

Flow Rate: 2 Filters 20.8 l./hr*
Flow Rate: 4 Filters 41.5 l./hr*
Flow Rate: 6 Filters 62.5 l./hr*

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Number of Black Berkey Filters Required
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The multi-functional Imperial Berkey water filtration system is equally suitable for a large family home as for a busy office. For the needs of any small to medium sized group whether it be at home, at church, a hospice or an orphanage the Imperial Berkey is up to the task.

The Imperial Berkey water filter system may be ordered with your choice of one discounted Berkey accessory. For a description of the various Berkey accessories see: Sightglass Spigot, PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic Filters, Stainless Steel Spigot, Berkey Replacement Parts, Berkey Stand or Berkey Primer.

The Imperial Berkey water filtration system will purify your home’s treated tap water as well as untreated water from such sources as lakes, brooks, ponds and water sources in foreign countries, where the local water supply may be compromised or regulations may not be adhered to. The Imperial Berkey is the ideal drinking water filter for the outdoors such as a busy campground or caravan park and is definitely a must in inhospitable environments where electricity or clean drinking water may not be at hand.

The Imperial Berkey assembles in minutes with no need for tools, electricity, water pressure, or plumbing.

The Imperial Berkey is also easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

The Imperial Berkey water filtration system eliminates pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely as well as removing toxic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and all manner of VOCs, organic solvents and trihalomethanes. In independent testing the Black Berkey filters have also been found to reduce nitrites and toxic minerals among others: lead, mercury and aluminum (See a detailed list of which contaminants are eliminated by the Black Berkey Filters). Besides this the Imperial Berkey drinking water filter leaves undisturbed and intact the beneficial minerals your body requires.

The PF-2 fluoride filters can be attached to the Black Berkey filters for the removal of fluoride. The water in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is not artificially fluoridated. However artificial fluoridation is being applied in some parts of England by local water authorities. The two following links show where artificial fluoridation / high natural fluoride levels are present. The first pdf map shows fluoride levels in England and Wales. The second pdf map gives a county by county breakdown of where fluoridation/high fluoride is to be found in England.

The Imperial Berkey water filter system is manufactured from highly polished 304 stainless steel and the water filter system comes standard with two Black Berkey filters. The upper chamber can be fit within the lower chamber and measures only 38.7 cm. in height for easy transport.

A set of 2 Black Berkey water filters can last for up to 22,700 liters. At a usage of 38 liters per week, this is equal to 600 weeks, more than 11.5 years of purified water!

Configured with two Black Berkey water filters the system will purify up to 20.8 liters per hour. The Imperial Berkey can be expanded to use six Black Berkey water filters and is then capable of purifying up to 62.5 liters per hour.*

*Flow rates are calculated with upper chamber full to top. The flow rate decreases as the water level declines. As it is impractical to keep the upper chamber completely full at all times, the flow rates are in practice less than the stated optimal rate.