Brexit Update

On 31st December 2020, the UK left the European Union resulting in changes to the way VAT is applied to our UK customers.  Please note we will deduct VAT during your checkout process, however UK customers will be responsible for paying UK VAT during shipment of their order. At this time, we will also be unable to ship orders with a value of £135 or less.  Please email [email protected] for more information.  We will do everything we can to ensure the smooth arrival of your product as per usual.

Berkey Replacement Water Filters.

Discover our range of Berkey Replacement Water Filters for the complete range of Berkey Water Filters including our famous Black Berkey Water Filters which can be re-cleaned and re-used without the constant need of purchasing disposable Water FIlters.

If you are unsure whether your Black Berkey water filters are due for replacement, please visit our Black Berkey Filter Replacement Calculator or contact our Customer Support Team.

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Black Berkey Water Filters
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Sport Berkey Filter
Berkey Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge
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